About raa.ge

What's it?

Raa.ge is a georgian crowdfunding platform, which helps you to get necessary funds for starting your project.

If you have a project idea in any field of activity: agriculture, education, arts, science, social projects, etc., then the platform is for you. Our goal is supporting new initiatives; we offer a new (very old :-) way for this purpose.
The platform connects people who want to realize their ideas/projects and those who want to contribute in the project. The platform is entirely based on trust and it allows the public to finance the projects which are the basis of the well-being of the same society.
The project authors can be supported by the community, their friends, families, relatives in realization of their dreams. Each project is intended for individual and universal benefits, because your success is our success too.
So, You are the main hero.

What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding platforms help many people around the world. Several examples of our inspiration are the following platforms: Kickstarter, Ulule, Indiegogo, KissKissBankBank, Smartangels, WePlaySport, IAmLaMode, BlueBees, Ecobole.
This is a new way of human relation with its environment. For the society - it's a new way of relation with its individuals. Also, this is a very old way of relation and mutuality. The public has the ability/possibility to support a project and fund its success, because the same project is his future too.

Why contribute to the project?

If the project is important for you, it is reliable and viable, then its realization will be enjoyable experience for you. Idea can become reality with your power.
The author of the project will offer you some gift as gratitude. It will somehow compensate your contribution.

How crowdfunding works?

Individual contributions represent the source of project funding. The project author defines the budget and the time needed to start the project. During the specified period, the project receives public funding and does or does not reach the budget target. The Funds raised without commission are paid into the account of the project author after the end of the campaign, even if the target has not been reached.

raa.ge is based on trust. The platform does not control the results of the project realization. It only establishes a link between the existing situation and the desired one. And the decision belongs to you: participate and donate - it's your decision.

What about presents?

The author of the project defines gifts for his supporters, to reward them after the realization of the project. Our platform does not monitor the delivery of gifts. It totally depends on trust between the author and his supporters. Nevertheless, if the budget target is not reached, the realization of rewards can be difficult for the author. It depends on the specificity of the project.

Only your name, surname, e-mail and telephone number will be supplied to the project author so that he can send you your rewards. Other information you provide, including your credit card information, is protected and relevant transactions are provided by our partners: Goodweb and TBC Bank.

Commission fees

10% of the collected funds are reserved by the bank. In addition, there is a transaction fee of 2%. The commission fees in total - 12% are to be expected when defining the project budget.